Jerry Hall vs. the rest of us

April 17th, 2014

There’s an ad for the Row Hotel, NYC, in the current New York mag. It’s right up front, double truck, full color, with Jerry Hall, aged 57, in red lipstick and a leopard skin coat, playing cougar to the younger man next to her (in his 20-30s?). He’s leaning into her, and his thoughts are probably “OMG she’s a Goddess.” And, of course, he’s right.

Then flip to pages 54 and 55, 18 full color, close up, straight forward portraits of ordinary, regular people who are 65 years old–illustrations for a story on middle old age–(photographed by Martin Schoeller).

My, what a difference Jerry Hall’s bone structure, photo shop, and eight years can make!

Of course she looks fabulous, and by comparison, the 65 year olds don’t. However, most of them don’t look half bad, either.

Iggy Pop Says No AARP Allowed!

April 15th, 2014

Iggy Pop is clear: “I don’t want to hear about the AARP!”

That’s what I said, when “the AARP” started pitching me. Moi? Non-non-no-no. AARP is for old people, and I’m. Not. Old.

Iggy’s business manager has tried to get the Popman into ARRP for 16 years, pointing out the “great discounts.” Apparently the travel and car insurance deals aren’t valuable enough to offset the reminders that he’s 66; and reminded frequently, too, ’cause once AARP has you, you get their flyer, magazine, and lots of letters from AARP partners and endorsers et al.

It’s interesting to observe who chooses, and at what age, and under what circumstances, to join the AARP club. I joined because I write about, for, and to Boomers, so it’s a must read. I also get a good deal on my car and house insurance.

Thank you, Harper’s Bazaar Magazine.

April 14th, 2014

“Fabulous at Every Age” is an evergreen for the women’s mags—every few months you’ll see that headline, with beautiful celebrities representing the 20s, 30s 40s and 50s. Rarely are 60s included in the list, but April’s Harper’s Bazaar has officialy extended our shelf life. If Diane Saywer can look fabulous at 68, so can you!

Safeco Ads Are Insulting!

April 13th, 2014

Safeco Insurance wants Boomer’s business, and this is how they pitch me–with TV spots starring a not-much-fun mid-50s couple–the wife’s obnoxious and whiny and her hapless husband is out to lunch.

When Cialis pitches Boomers, they use real lookers. Safeco uses buffoons.

Cola’s branding messengers are attractive, relatable, and age appropriate, like Britney Spears. Beer ads show people, famous or otherwise, who you’d want to hang with.

When Lancome reaches out to 50+ women, it’s Diane Keaton (67 y/o) that does the selling. She, too, is attractive, relatable, and age appropriate. Louis Vuitton appeals to seniors by running ads with both Sean Connery (83) and Charlotte Rampling (68 y/o).

If Pepsi’s message is that when you drink one, you’ll be just as bubble-ish-ious as Britney Spears, than the Safeco message is that when you insure with Safeco you’ll be just like this couple: annoying.

Duh! Hit forehead with palm of hand! It’s a “counter-intuitive ad!” I thought you would want to relate to the product being advertised in a positive way, but the genius of the Safeco ad is that disliking Marty and Edna motivates you to buy. Right?

I know I’m being picky, but that’s my job. Here are the ads:

Forever Young….

March 7th, 2014

Don’t you love it when magazines run headlines like “Fabulous at 50!” or “Ageless!!” followed by a montage of beautiful celebs?

This one’s from AARP:

There’s Olivia Newton-John, Pierce Brosnan, Richard Gere, Diane Sawyer and more.

Susan Sarandon Sizzles/Hot People Over 50

March 1st, 2014

She’s on the cover of AARP magazine this month. Stunning.

Jessica Lange/Hot People Over 50

March 1st, 2014

Jessica Lange, 64, is the new face of Marc Jacobs make-up. This is a good thing.

Raquel Welch Wows at 73 / Hot People Over 50

February 28th, 2014

At the Designers Guild Awards in Bev. Hills earlier this week.