I Want to be Wanted

October 25th, 2009

In a media saturated culture, you’re nobody if nobody advertises to you.

For 50 years I’ve been advertising’s bulls-eye, the money demo, an early baby-boomer wooed by mass media and Madison Ave., from my pre-teen years, thru marriage, motherhood, career and beyond, advertisers jostled for my money. All the magazines, TV shows and ads were aimed at…me!

But, lately, I’ve noticed that I’ve been marginalized by the big advertisers, the Cokes, and cars and cosmetics of the world. All the ads are targeted younger.

For the first time in my life, mainstream, iconic brands are not advertising to me. I feel rejected, jilted, humiliated, demoralized and left out. I’m feeling like I’m a nobody.

Put it this way, if there isn’t a specific ad, targeted to YOU, then you are off the cultural radar screen and you are Not Relevant.

How did the juggernaut formerly known as the Baby Boom morph into invisible and irrelevant?

Apparently, decision makers such as brand managers, ad agency types, and marketing directors (usually in 26-34 age demo), think that people over 50, which Baby Boomers are, have stopped buying. These same decision makers must not go to the movies, or Macys or the grocery store, because if they did, they’d see millions of boomers, spending lots of money.

Which means those very same corporations that humiliate me by not advertising to me, thus making me culturally invisible, are, in fact, getting my money anyway. For free. Without even having to make a pitch.

I say, it’s payback time for Coke and Revlon and all the rest: Boomers made your brands rich and famous. Don’t stop advertising to me now, just when I need you most! I’m losing my looks and my edge and the younger guys are nipping at my heels! Keep me relevant. Seduce me with advertising’s siren call. Confirm I exist. Tell the world I shop. Make me feel like I’m a somebody, again.

Because it’s advertising that sends out the message of what’s hip and cool, with its thin women, buff men, sleek cars, sleeker watches, fun sodas, and all those really white teeth.

I want to be wanted, if not forever, than at least for 60-seconds.

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