We’re Baaaaack!

October 22nd, 2009

Age DOES have its advantages… we’ve been around the block a time or two…for example, we’ve seen 15 more years of human behavior and culture-in-action than someone who is 40.

So, today, when I got Steve Pavlina’s advitation for his Conscious Growth Workshop, I immediately flashed: I’ve seen this before! It’s the Human Potential Movement all over again, and this is a dusted up EST, adjusted for today’s life style, i.e. what USED to take two weekends, now takes one, and the curricula is 1/3 abstract and 2/3 real life apps.

Have you seen the (ongoing) story about the three people who died in a sweatlodge in AZ? They were on a “Spiritual Warrior” weekend–at almost $10,000 per person (no recession here!).

I haven’t heard “consciousness” and “growth” slung around polite conversation for years. Is there going to be a second coming of the Human Potential Movement? Is it the 70s redux? Mon Dieu!

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  1. Jimmy says:

    Why did Carney speak to the union audience? Why did Carney step into the political debate over ‘Dutch Disease? He did go where no other BoC Gov has gone before, so yes, because of media reports of his &#a8y6;holid81ࢩ stay with Brison, it does have the appearance Carney was using his office as a vehicle to test the political waters.The office of the Governor of the Bank of Canada should NEVER be used as a launch pad into a political career.

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