As Time, and Tears, Go By

October 7th, 2009
Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times

Marianne Faithfull was in town Sat night, performing rock/jazz/cabaret at UCLA‘s Royce Hall.

I didn’t see the show, but I got a terrific second best, which is Steve Appleford’s review in Monday’s L.A. Times: a case of gifted writing meets a really interesting subject.

Noticeable by its absence was any mention of Faithfull’s age, which newspapers routinely include in their stories.

Then, on Tues, an interview/feature with seminal punk rocker Exene Cervenka, another “woman of a certain age,” this one returning to L.A. after four years in rural Missouri, and again, no mention of her age.

Is this a trend? I asked Richard Nordwind, Daily Calendar Editor of the L.A. Times, if this was intentional? Or an oversight. He said, more or less, that they were oversights.

No matter. If anyone really wants to know how old Marianne Faithfull or Exene Cervenka is, they can just go to Wikipedia, and find out. Which is what I did.

Exene is 53, and Marianne is 63.

Both still working and performing. Still creating. Still getting major coverage in the main newspaper of the entertainment capital of the world. Not only is their age a non-factor, they are, in fact, ageless.

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