Yoko Ono is cool, but she’s not a boomer…

October 1st, 2009
Yoko Ono from thequietus.com
Yoko Ono from thequietus.com

…and neither is the man she married: had John Lennon lived, he’d be 69 years old next week.

John and Yoko are “Honorary Boomers:” he because of his outsized influence on the boomer generation as a whole, and Yoko because she married John, and also because she is never not cool.

So why am I writing about Yoko? ‘Cause she’s inspirational! At 76, a full 13 years older than the oldest boomer, she’s still a hipster, a PIB Manhattanite, svelte, chic, full of style. There she is, out and about, maybe lunching with Sean, in all the right places. She’s still an artiste provocateur, continuing to create art for arts sake. Always working.

Yoko is a role model; proof you can be cool and creative and relevant at an age which didn’t seem possible in previous generations. She gets oldER, but she doesn’t get “Old.”

By comparison, 50 and 60 seem really young.

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