Redefining Old

January 31st, 2010
L.A. Times’ Mary McNamara says “grown ups are in the ascendancy, on TV, in movies, and in real life.” (Jan. 30, 2010:Calendar)
L.A. Times’ Mary McNamara says “grown ups are in the ascendancy, on TV, in movies, and in real life.” (Jan. 30, 2010:Calendar)

Redefining the idea of ‘old’ by L.A. Times TV critic Mary McNamara is a long piece that points out that old people are all over TV these days: Jay Leno, 59 vs. Conan’s 46, and Letterman’s “Sex scandal! At 62!” She notes that the characters in the shows have gotten older, too. Same at the box office: Meryl Streep’s burning up the screen at 60. “Sixty is the new thirty.” Etc. etc. It’s a good piece. Read it here,0,1622426.story

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    Thanks for linking a great article, John. Having gone through a similar experience earlier in our marraige, my wife and I still talk about what might have been. Thankfully we have a great little six year old boy now, but part of you never gets over the past. I apaecripted seeing how these three gentlemen deal with their pain and grief.

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