Ringo’s (still) Rockin’

January 14th, 2010

He’s almost 70.

He has a new album out: “Y Not.”

His new tour starts in June.

He’s making the rounds of the late night talk shows—last night it was The Daily Show—and he looked—fabulous! Trim, energetic, happy, fun. He sounded good, too.

Who knew 70 could be so young?

10 Responses to “Ringo’s (still) Rockin’”

  1. Cidinha says:

    Boomers deserve it. Greedy sesiflh aholes who thought they could make up for their underfunded retirements by sticking that burden on the next generation of home buyers.I hope they all end up working at wallmart and baging groceries.Screw you boomers. Screw you sideways.

  2. Abdaladeem says:

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  5. Indy says:

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