Things a Baby Boomer Notices

January 2nd, 2010
To capitalize..or not?
To capitalize..or not?

Sue Grafton’s newest: “U is for Undercover.” One of the characters shouts out “for god’s sake…” I’ve been a reader my entire life and I can’t recall any American novel that did not capitalize the “g” in God. It wasn’t an oversight, ‘cause there are two more references to god in the book, also with a small “g.”

Is this part of the homogenization, pasteurization, globalization of language and culture? I mean, technically speaking, god is not a proper noun.

Men used to wear neckties ALL the time in their professional roles. Both men and women wore hats and ladies wore gloves. My own mother wore little white gloves into the 70’s.

I don’t wear gloves.

But I do capitalize the G in God. And I’m pretty sure my children do, too. But somebody, somewhere, doesn’t. A writer, an editor. A few million people reading god instead God. It becomes normal, that’s the way things are done now.

And that’s one of the advantages of being a Boomer. What we are able to see behind can prep us for what we see ahead.

Maybe not a Big Deal, but certainly a big deal.

How do we respond to the New World Order?

Stay tuned.

One Response to “Things a Baby Boomer Notices”

  1. God-fearing Christion says:

    The lower case “g” in “God” appears many times in this book, otherwise a very good read. Personally, I’m offended. I’m especially offended by the capital “N” in “Nature” on page 111. I’ve always enjoyed Sue Grafton’s books, but she seems to be making a religious statement here.