Old vs. Old Fashioned

February 1st, 2010

Good Morning America did a segment with such subtle ageism you might not have noticed it. But I did.

The story (1/29) was about saving time by paying your bills on line vs. paying by check, which they referred to as the “old fashioned way.” Old fashioned implies out of touch and frumpy. That’s unnecessary editorializing. Sloppy journalism.

By contrast, the L.A. Times had a terrific story (1/30) about changes in the music business, and the author made reference to the new way of accessing music and the old way of accessing music. Not the old fashioned way.

And, just to confirm that the world HAS come off it’s axis, the current NYer (2/1), makes casual reference to old media without actually saying radio/TV/print, as if well, everybody knows what old media is, vs. new media, which is digital, and viral and social and whatever.

The plot thickens.

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