There is 72, and then there is 72.

April 22nd, 2010 get lots of sex. get lots of sex.

Jane Fonda was talking about her “frisky” sex life on “Extra” last night. Later, She demonstrated some moves, and she was very impressive. Limber.

Merle Haggard was on today’s “Morning Edition,” and he’s 72, too. Recovering from lung cancer. His voice: it just ain’t the same. Numerous clips of the Hag’s oeuvre were played. At his peak, his voice was powerful, and now it’s wavy, and weaker.

Jane’s just as famous for being healthy as the Hag is for being a hell raiser, so you gotta factor in all that lifestyle, exercise, and diet. But genes count, too, and they are like the Lottery: you won’t know if you‘ve won or lost till they pull the numbers. Same with aging, you don’t know what you’ll be like at 72, till you get there.

Jane won, Merle lost.

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  1. Jane Paulus says:

    We are thinking the same. Turning 50 is a rite of passage. Like your site.

  2. Alegrando says:

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