So What if Jerry Brown is 72?

June 11th, 2010
Media Watchdog, barking.
Media Watchdog, barking.

Spare Me.

CA elections today. The essential story is who is going to be the next Governor of California? When the cheesy reporters tell the story of assumed Demo gubernatorial nominee Jerry Brown, they manage to isolate Brown’s age—70-something—e.g. “at 72 years old…” and then go on to waste more airtime reporting more non-news.

Everyone already knows he’s over 70, and frankly, nobody fucking cares, except lazy reporters who are in their 30s and can’t imagine how someone 72 —can function? Much less be governor? I’d like to know how someone that stupid gets to be a reporter, much less has the right to vote.

The media watchdog is barking big time.

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