Pat Benatar at 60

June 28th, 2010
Pat Benatar @ 60
Pat Benatar @ 60

Pat Benatar, what were you thinking?

Pat Benatar, who is 57 y/o, said recently in People Magazine that she couldn’t wait to be 60, “because you get to be ornery and salty.” I wouldn’t think that that is how a 60-year-old woman would want to be described. Or did she mean men, too? That everyone over 60 is ornery and salty? That’s even worse, because 1) it’s not true, and 2) it perpetuates a stereotype based on an untrue premise. (See #1, above).

Then she talks about retiring to Hawaii but also says that she’ll be singing “Heartbreaker” as they are closing her coffin.

I’m confused. Is she retiring or is she going to continue to perform, expecting people to pay to see an ornery and salty woman?

It’s a good thing she’s better at singing than she is at clear thinking.

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