The Good Ol’ Days Redux

June 16th, 2010
What Shall We Call Our Past?
What Shall We Call Our Past?

When my parent’s generation talked about how things were when they were growing up, they’d say “in my day.”

When my grandparents referred to their own formative years, they’d say “in the old days.”

And, now, it’s our turn.

How do Baby Boomers refer to their own good ol’ days? The word that’s emerging is “back in the day.” Don’t ask me why, how, or what it means. Just observe, and you’ll see it’s getting used– it seems an adequate and innocuous way of putting it; I, myself, use it, and I think I recently read a quote from Tom Petty, and he used that phrase, too.

One Response to “The Good Ol’ Days Redux”

  1. teri koenig says:

    Tom Petty is cool and definitely a Big Boomer.

    I hear Rachel Ray say it all the time on her TV show and she can’t be but in her late 30s or early 40s or maybe she’s 12! I can’t tell anyone’s actual age anymore. I just know she’s gifted.

    Thanks for thinking of all the changes we’re experiencing and haven’t had the brain-time to notice. Rock on, T