Baby Boomer Shout-out

July 29th, 2010
Media Watchdog, barking.
Media Watchdog, barking.

The media watchdog hates sloppy news reporting, cheesy editing, and young punks who think 60 is old.

As reported on by Gary Hamilton, via Huff-Po.

This story is about a Brazilian DJ school for grandparents.

Describing one student as SIXTY-TWO YEARS OLD, Hamilton practically squeals with awe. Apparently, it’s just so—so—phenomenal that a man THAT old could? Or would? DJ.

Hamilton’s unconscious ageism is annoying, but it’s the sloppy journalism that sends me ‘round the bend. He describes the students as “elderly’, a dicey term. It really depends on the age of the writer, the tone the editor wants to set, and begs the question: how old is old? What if elderly starts at 65, or 70? What if someone 64 was writing the article, would 62 be so awesomely elderly?

Perhaps the editor could have assigned an age appropriate reporter to cover grandparent DJ school in Brazil—certainly there are thousands of journalists in their 60s who could be grandparents, and they would have a different take on it, don’t you think?

Bottom line: would you rather get your news from a rookie, or from a more seasoned human being who accepts as normal that people SIXTY TWO YEARS OLD have jobs, shop, go to movies, and try new things, such as DJ school for grandparents?

Here’s the link

The Media Watch Dog has spoken. Woof-Woof.

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