Subtle Ageism in the L.A. Times

November 29th, 2010

Making reference to Jane Fonda’s new exercise video the Saturday story starts: “Jane Fonda in a leotard? At 72?”

That’s newsworthy? Don’t people who are 72 wear leotards when they work out?

Same thing in the LEAD story in Sunday’s Arts & Books section, about 71 year old Joyce Farmer, who was half of the radical feminist comic books “Tits & Clits” in the 70s, and has reemerged with a new graphic novel titled “Special Exits,” about her elderly parents demise.

It’s the article’s tone, a subtle wonderment that someone could DO what they’ve DONE, in their seventies.

The implication is that making an exercise video at 72, or writing a book at 71, is out of the ordinary, when in fact, people of all ages are doing and creating interesting things all the time.

With out without wearing a leotard.

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