Happy Birthday, Susan Sarandon

October 4th, 2012


Happy birthday, Susan Sarandon, 66 today, and she looks great enough for The Huffington Post to feature the  “Sarandon Style Evolutions” with pics from 1975 (when she was 29) to today.


Compare that to People mags Sept. 24th “Double Special Issue” which featured “Chic at Every Age”–four pages with a woman of every age, starting with 20 (Selena Gomez) thru the 30’s (Jessica Biel) to 45 ((Nicole Kidman) all the way up to 58, (Christie Brinkley) and 59 (Kathie Lee Gifford,) and then, and then… it stops.


To People, 60 is so old that you can’t even be chic, yet Huff-Po thinks 66 is chic enough to give you star billing in the “Style” section, documenting your entire adult fashion life in 45 photos.


If an  editor is really young, 66 is ancient.  If the editor is 45, 66 is in the middle, and if the editor is 66 (the age of the oldest baby boomer) 66 is “normal.”

So there.

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