wanda jackson

October 5th, 2012

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  1. Jaqueline says:

    I just laughed my head off about Salma geittng out of bed! WAY TO GO Salma! That is a very impressive accomplishment when you are pregnant and would like nothing more than staying in bed : )Look at your cute Garden frogs Wanda. Very nice : )That salad is all sorts of delicious Buckaroomama : ) Yum-o!I have photoshop elements and utilize that fully. I just don’t use actions : ) I don’t have real photoshop, and guess what? I don’t want it. I think smart people learn how to take LOVELY pictures and don’t rely fully on photoshop. Overphotoshopping gives me a headache : ) True story.Wishing you all a wonderful weekend : )

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  9. Si c’est la science des imbeciles c’est bien qu’elle ne requiere aucune intelligence mais du par coeur.Les gens intelligents ont autre chose a faire que d’apprendre betement par coeur.Votre raisonnement ne tiens pas debout. Ce qui n’est pas une surprise ceux s’accrochant a l’orthographe (qui evolue sans arret d’ailleurs) n’ont guere d’autre chose a faire valoir.

  10. "What other race of men have public entertainers like Yung Ber, NE-YO, Kany West, Wesley Snipes, Mistah Fab etc. who speak out and degrade their own dark skinned women."I've heard white entertainers like Rush Limbaugh (who seems to dig underage Dominican girls) Gene Simmons, and Paul Kantner rip (white) women a new one. And Oprah, Alice Walker and Terry McMillan have made millions demonizing black men.What's your point?

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    You've made it far too difficult.Nuke Mecca without warning.During Hajj would be a nice touch.Give the rest of Islam 24 hours to cough up Bin Laden, swear allegiance to Israel and eat a pulled pork sandwich.Tell them that if we so much as hear a peep out of them henceforth, we will reduce our strategic nuclear stockpile, one Muslim city after another.See?We get rid of some rusty old nukes AND give a big boost to all the pig farmers of the world.Yeah, that's the ticket.

  12. Also, Knight Rider, Dukes Of Hazzard, Black Moon Rising, But I build lowriders now so I’d say this had a bigger

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