Greta Van Susteren: Plastic Surgery Run Amok #31

January 7th, 2013

Dear Greta:

Where did your face go?


A concerned viewer

****    ****

Greta’s 58.  Reba, who also suffers from  Plastic Surgery Run Amok, will be 58 in March. At some point, this kind of thing—watching people morph into someone who looks familiar but different— will that become the norm?

3 Responses to “Greta Van Susteren: Plastic Surgery Run Amok #31”

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  3. MukeJosy says:

    Mar23Shelly Look you guys have any of you really lkooed and read all the material about terri or are you just reading the one sided info here. My husband teaches CPR and First Aid. Everyone must know that Terri had bulimia. She had a heart attack from low potassium. Falling down from a heart attack can cause severe damage because you fall unnaturally. (I knew a 4 year old healthy little girl who broke her arm falling off the couch and childrens bones are harder to break) Also CPR was performed on Terri which could have very very very easily been the reason she had fractured ribs and doctored have confirmed that. If you do CPR correctly ribs can easily be broken. Blaming her husband is a cop out by her parents. Her parents are just blaming him because they have no one else to blame. Mentally because terri suffered from bulimia she was not in her right state of mind and was a sad person. Do think a person like this who wanted to be perfect would want to live like this? The courts who have decided this case have heard alot more information then us from both sides and have concluded that the feeding tube is only prolonging the sad life of terri. Part of her brain is no longer functioning.. the most important part..a brain scan has showed that..her cerebral cortex which provides information to and from the brain for the purpose of sensory information. What we see on tapes are just snippets of long video tapes. People who are in the kind of state that terri is involuntarily make sounds and movements and yes sometimes its from outside stimulation, but it is not from being processed correctly. Its just part of the brain repeating old functions. Terri can never get better.. that part of her brain can never be restored or grow back or anything. All this is besides the fact that this is none of our business. Would you want the world deciding what happens to you upon the end of your life? Also Terri very much cared how she lkooed. It was so important to her that she tried to starve herself to death. Does terri look like herself anymore? Can terri even be anything near to what she was before. Terri had rehabilitation early on and it did nothing for her. They even tried putting electrodes in her brain to try and stimulate it. All attempts have failed to try and give Terri some kind of quality to her life. There is a better life waiting for Terri. One with a new body.. without pain and suffering and one that will be eternally healthy and happy without tears. Although there are many people here who think that they are trying to save a helpless women what they are really doing and prolonging the suffering of a dieing women