Madonna # 1 in 2012 Music Tours

January 12th, 2013



Almost half of the L.A. Times 2012 “Ultimate Top 10” –a combo of touring income and record sales, are boomers.

#1 Madonna, age 54, $144 million

#3 Bruce Springsteen, age 63, $115.1 million

#5 Roger Waters, age 69,  $94.7 million

#10 Van Halen (Eddie van Halen) age 58,   $59.7 million.

The numbers confirm Boomer ‘s continued influence on culture, including the economy,  even in the 21st century.

(There were only nine performers in the Top 10; # 4 was Cirque du Soleil.),0,5247322.story

One Response to “Madonna # 1 in 2012 Music Tours”

  1. Marko says:

    I think it’s pretty iintresentg… Even though you do have a point with getting records that are actually meaningful, I think this is still something that can be looked as “pretty cool” and “unique” in the future. Thanks for posting!