Life Begins at 40

February 5th, 2013

Life may begin at 40, but, alas, it’s over by your 50s.

How do I know?

Because the March issue of InStyle magazine has that feature that all the chix magazines run every couple of months—it’s a template: “Look Beautiful at Any Age,” “Great Hair at Every Age.” Then, for each age group, they show a celeb:  in this version, it’s Frida Pinto for the 20s, 30s Michele Williams, 40s Salma Hayek, 50s– Julianne Moore.

That’s all.  There isn’t any 60s.  Does that mean if you are 60 you can’t be chic or have great hair anymore?

I wasn’t aware of that.

And I wonder if 10s of millions of my Baby Boomer sisters got that message?

That giant sucking sound in the background?  It’s billions of dollars slithering out of the economy when 60 year old women stop buying lipsticks, and mani-pedis, and shoes and handbags, and lingerie, and pencil skirts, and Wonder Bras, and dresses, and bathing suits, and perfume, and jewelry, and accessories and facials, and crèmes for our skin.

If Boomers over 60 stopped trying to look “beautiful at any age,”  Macy’s would probably do a lot less business.



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