Jimmy Fallon’s Fantasy Band

December 22nd, 2013

Did you notice that on last night’s SNL, host Jimmy Fallon’s opening bit included his fantasy band: Paul McCartney (71 years old) Bob Dylan (72 years old), and David Bowie (66 y/o). Fallon is 39. I’m just saying.

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  1. Aazu says:

    Nene’s face looks great. I don’t care for the outfit on the prciute. Where are the other prciutes? She continually networks. Shun Melson use to style Nene. She may have changed due to being out of town so much. If I remember right, she styled that prciutes on Nene’s twitter avi and background.

  2. Cgpme says:

    Actually, I adopted this way of ptitung up tomatoes from Painted Hand Farm (Sandra Miller) and it results in just the products you need for this. When the annual August glut of tomatoes happens and I am way too busy and it is way too hot to even think about turning on the stove Sandra suggested freezing the tomatoes whole so that is what I did. I used large turkey bags, washed them and sucked the air out. When winter descends and steamy heat is welcome, you toss the frozen product in the oven and roast them. What you end up with is volumes of tomato water and a small clump of thick tomato goodness. First time I did this I removed way too much water which I used for vegetable soup (awesome flavor) but my sauce was way too thick. One 25 lb turkey bag (from Cornerstone Ventures) makes not only a pot of sauce but 7 quarts, too, which I can then. I don’t mind tomato seeds, I think they are powerhouses of nutrients but some might want to strain them out. So now you have your own tomato paste, not a canned variety. I have never seen paste in a jar, does anyone have a variety you can share? BPA freaks me out, I rarely buy stuff in cans and only if it is non reactive.

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