The New Retirement

December 3rd, 2013

Over a catchup dinner, my friend said, “it sure doesn’t feel like retirement.”

Her career on the corporate ladder peaked two jobs ago, and after the last layoff, at 65, she could have called it a day. But her reputation in the field, and her desire to work in that field, led to offers of part-time/per-project work, and what was a forced retirement is now, two-years later, a 60-70+ hour-a-week schedule, encompassing a bunch of unrelated jobs that range from leading management workshops to running a small theatre.

She’s retired as an employee, but she works full time at being self-employed.

An independent contractor. Maybe even entrepreneurial.

She’s energized, putting away money, and, as she put it, she’s “having a ball”

Boomers are re-defining retirement as we get to it.

12 Responses to “The New Retirement”

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  10. Sono abbastanza d'accordo con Fabio. Se la fonte è autorevole e porta referenze (fonti, link e immagini confrontabili) e non si è in periodo di burle (Carnevale, 1 aprile) sono portato a crederci. Il tutto, ovviamente se non è una cosa evidentemente farlocca (l'esempio dell'astronave aliena insabbiata su Marte). Se al contrario la fonte è ignota, o qualcuna delle fonti proposte non è raggiungibile oppure è dubbia (siti che notoriamente scrivono panzane ad esempio) si può tranquillamente dubitare o addirittura non crederci proprio.

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  12. Dearest Lisa,I miss your writings… they glow and warm up the Heart.Thank you for always sharing your Journey… you always shed Light, Inspiration and you have given us so much more than you can imagine…You affect the world in ways that always raise us to be in a different altitude and attitude in Life… it is something that I am always grateful about.May this holiday season fill you with so much Love and Gratitude that seeps into your every marrow.With BIG Love,–Nerissa