What is a Senior Moment?

January 9th, 2014

I’m listening to my local college radio station–the on-air student DJ is probably 20 y/o, and in the middle of her critique of the Euro-something music she just played, she couldn’t think of the name of group’s first album…about which she was very mellow: “oh, I can’t think of the of the name of it, hmm, ummmmm, well, anyway….” No big deal.

Same on KPCC, also today. On one of their most popular shows, the interviewee, who is not old, wanted to make a point, but came out with “oh, I can’t think of the name.” I’ve heard Sean Hannity (just turned 52) lose his train of thought mid-tirade, on-air. And YET, sometimes, when a Boomer forgets, some people think “oh, senior moment.”

It’s not age, it’s more like not remembering has become socially acceptable. Forgetfulness without stigma is permission to forget, plus, why remember specifics when you can just Google the features: famous-French-scented-green-candle-perfume and “Rigaud” pops up first, just the name I’d forgotten but wanted to remember. Easy peasy, without having to even make the neural connections to actually remember the name of the product.

Listen around, and you’ll notice not just Boomers, but also Gen X and Millennials forgetting lots of things, lot of times.

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