65 Years Young

April 23rd, 2014


It’s all relative.

Just when you start thinking 65 is old, something like this comes along to remind you that it really isn’t:

“When martial arts master Seikichi Uehara was 96

he defeated a 39-year old opponent who was himself

a former boxing champ.  Seikichi later explained that his

‘opponent had not yet matured enough to beat me.'”

And this…

“Even in his sixties, he could not be touched–even by students

in their twenties, striking with full power.”

Of course, that’s not normal, but still, it’s nice to know it’s possible, even if it’s by someone else.

Here’s an inspiring  interview with the Master, taped in 2007, when he was 93. (He died in 2004, at age 100.)


2 Responses to “65 Years Young”

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