Safeco Ads Are Insulting!

April 13th, 2014

Safeco Insurance wants Boomer’s business, and this is how they pitch me–with TV spots starring a not-much-fun mid-50s couple–the wife’s obnoxious and whiny and her hapless husband is out to lunch.

When Cialis pitches Boomers, they use real lookers. Safeco uses buffoons.

Cola’s branding messengers are attractive, relatable, and age appropriate, like Britney Spears. Beer ads show people, famous or otherwise, who you’d want to hang with.

When Lancome reaches out to 50+ women, it’s Diane Keaton (67 y/o) that does the selling. She, too, is attractive, relatable, and age appropriate. Louis Vuitton appeals to seniors by running ads with both Sean Connery (83) and Charlotte Rampling (68 y/o).

If Pepsi’s message is that when you drink one, you’ll be just as bubble-ish-ious as Britney Spears, than the Safeco message is that when you insure with Safeco you’ll be just like this couple: annoying.

Duh! Hit forehead with palm of hand! It’s a “counter-intuitive ad!” I thought you would want to relate to the product being advertised in a positive way, but the genius of the Safeco ad is that disliking Marty and Edna motivates you to buy. Right?

I know I’m being picky, but that’s my job. Here are the ads:

One Response to “Safeco Ads Are Insulting!”

  1. Steve Anderson says:

    Except that old couple ARE NOT Safeco customers. It’s the people with the motorcycles, new tech kitchens etc. the ads aim for.

    These are the people who’ve been on the receiving end of criticisms from people like that. Exposing them as a windbags and a silent witness is a well deserved comeuppance for peope like them.