Iggy Pop Says No AARP Allowed!

April 15th, 2014

Iggy Pop is clear: “I don’t want to hear about the AARP!”

That’s what I said, when “the AARP” started pitching me. Moi? Non-non-no-no. AARP is for old people, and I’m. Not. Old.

Iggy’s business manager has tried to get the Popman into ARRP for 16 years, pointing out the “great discounts.” Apparently the travel and car insurance deals aren’t valuable enough to offset the reminders that he’s 66; and reminded frequently, too, ’cause once AARP has you, you get their flyer, magazine, and lots of letters from AARP partners and endorsers et al.

It’s interesting to observe who chooses, and at what age, and under what circumstances, to join the AARP club. I joined because I write about, for, and to Boomers, so it’s a must read. I also get a good deal on my car and house insurance.

7 Responses to “Iggy Pop Says No AARP Allowed!”

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