Kate White Sez No to Retirement

October 8th, 2012

Kate White, 61, exits as Editor of Cosmopolitan magazine 2 focus on her already successful writing and speaking career. No retirement for her.

Baby Boomers Are Never Going to Retire

October 5th, 2012


Baby boomers “retire the word retirement,”  Patricia Marx’s telling  and funny article in the Oct. 8th New Yorker—the  title is “Golden Years.”  Haha.


Just Say No…To Retirement

September 28th, 2012


Jeanne Cooper’s  been on “The Young and the Restless” since 1973, and, at 84 (next month) intends to continue.  “What would I do?” she asked, “I’m no good at crocheting.”


The Donald Sez He’ll Never Retire

March 4th, 2011

Donald Trump turns 65 in June, traditional “retirement” age. When Piers Morgan asked the question, Trump said he’ll “never retire.” He loves his work and if he stopped, he’d probably be bored in a week.

Boredom is unhealthy.

Retiring at 64? No way!

February 16th, 2011

Jane Harman is resigning from the U.S. House of Representatives to become President and CEO of The Woodrow Wilson Center. Jane was my rep. when I lived in that part of L.A. I knew her to be competent, corporate, and removed from the hoi polloi because her husband is super rich.

That aside, it’s so cool that she’s leveraging her political experience, and furthering her career as 64, an age when some people think of retiring. She doesn’t need the money, so she must be working for love. Maybe, for her, and for many of us, work is a good thing. It keeps us engaged, structures the day, is a place to be creative and get recognition, to eat at good restaurants and not have to pay for it, get to be in the suites at Staples… if you’ve got all that, plus you get paid, why would you want to stop just because you turn 65?

Cathie Black, My Kind Of Boomer

November 30th, 2010

She’s 66, chair of Hearst Magazines, former President and Publisher of USA Today etc. and she’s just been tapped by NYC Mayor Bloomberg to head the City’s public schools as Chancellor.

Does she have any education experience? No.

Has she proven herself as a successful manger of complex organizations? Yes.

Can she play with the big boys? Yes.

She’s entering a new field, at an age when we are supposed to retire.

Now, that’s a role model!

Subtle Ageism in the L.A. Times

November 29th, 2010

Making reference to Jane Fonda’s new exercise video the Saturday story starts: “Jane Fonda in a leotard? At 72?”

That’s newsworthy? Don’t people who are 72 wear leotards when they work out?

Same thing in the LEAD story in Sunday’s Arts & Books section, about 71 year old Joyce Farmer, who was half of the radical feminist comic books “Tits & Clits” in the 70s, and has reemerged with a new graphic novel titled “Special Exits,” about her elderly parents demise.

It’s the article’s tone, a subtle wonderment that someone could DO what they’ve DONE, in their seventies.

The implication is that making an exercise video at 72, or writing a book at 71, is out of the ordinary, when in fact, people of all ages are doing and creating interesting things all the time.

With out without wearing a leotard.

Paul McCartney on Imagination

July 5th, 2010

Sir Paul Has Spoken

“Imagination grows by exercise, and contrary to common belief, is more powerful in the mature than in the young.”

Paul McCartney