Bob Seger to Tour at 69 Years Old

October 21st, 2014

I’m confused. What does “old” mean? Who is old and who isn’t?

Bob Seger, who will be 70 in May, starts his new tour in Nov. I’ve seen Bob Seger perform, 36 years ago, in 1978, when he was 33 years old–it was thrilling, he owned the stage, high energy and all that.

I hope he kills it this time around, too. One hopes he has good advisers who wouldn’t let him tour unless he was up to the task. Jagger and Sir Paul are even older.

Age, of course, is chronological, but in real life, it’s only part of the picture. Factor in your physical, mental and emotional condition, your place in the culture, how you define yourself.

70 used to be “too old” for like, everything, but now, apparently, it’s not the barrier it once was.  One has to rethink: Is 70 really old, or did 70 used to be really old and now it’s not?

Old age is being re-defined by Boomers—our influence on the culture is still strong, and we are, as a generation, re-framing reality to fit our world view and our place in it.

Because that’s what Boomers do.


Age Is Just A Number

April 29th, 2014

This makes 58 feel young(er).

Jersey Boys” movie, coming soon to a theater near you, adapted and directed by Clint Eastwood –-83 y/o

Mel Brooks –-87 y/o– did a one man show, one performance only, at the Geffen last night.

Bob Dole–the 90 y/o former Senate majority leader, on a goodwill tour of his home state of Kansas, aiming to cover all 105 counties, scheduled for 10 appearances in three days.

If I keep at it as long as they have, I’ll  have about 30 more working years ahead of me!




65 Years Young

April 23rd, 2014


It’s all relative.

Just when you start thinking 65 is old, something like this comes along to remind you that it really isn’t:

“When martial arts master Seikichi Uehara was 96

he defeated a 39-year old opponent who was himself

a former boxing champ.  Seikichi later explained that his

‘opponent had not yet matured enough to beat me.'”

And this…

“Even in his sixties, he could not be touched–even by students

in their twenties, striking with full power.”

Of course, that’s not normal, but still, it’s nice to know it’s possible, even if it’s by someone else.

Here’s an inspiring  interview with the Master, taped in 2007, when he was 93. (He died in 2004, at age 100.)

Vanity Fair Disconnect

February 15th, 2013

Vanity Fair magazine, that non plus ultra arbiter of pop culture, did a survey, asking their readers to pick their favorite actor and actress.

And the winners are:  63 y/o Meryl Streep, and 82 y/o Clint Eastwood.

Haha, I doubt that that’s the age group that Vanity Fair pitches to all those sleek designer advertisers!

Madonna # 1 in 2012 Music Tours

January 12th, 2013



Almost half of the L.A. Times 2012 “Ultimate Top 10” –a combo of touring income and record sales, are boomers.

#1 Madonna, age 54, $144 million

#3 Bruce Springsteen, age 63, $115.1 million

#5 Roger Waters, age 69,  $94.7 million

#10 Van Halen (Eddie van Halen) age 58,   $59.7 million.

The numbers confirm Boomer ‘s continued influence on culture, including the economy,  even in the 21st century.

(There were only nine performers in the Top 10; # 4 was Cirque du Soleil.),0,5247322.story

Do You Really Have to Ask?

November 16th, 2012

Jezebel asks the question:  Can women over 50 wear long hair?  The answer is yes.


Wanda Jackson Redux: Confidence Trumps Age

October 5th, 2012

@20 Wanda Jackson sang w/  Elvis.  @ 74 she’s dueting w/ Chris Isaak.

Tight  pants, high heels, teased up hair. Her confidence trumps a weakend voice.

24 or 74, no difference.