Ringo’s (still) Rockin’

January 14th, 2010

He’s almost 70.

He has a new album out: “Y Not.”

His new tour starts in June.

He’s making the rounds of the late night talk shows—last night it was The Daily Show—and he looked—fabulous! Trim, energetic, happy, fun. He sounded good, too.

Who knew 70 could be so young?

The Future of Cool is Old

November 3rd, 2009

Have you seen the advertising campaign for Dos Equis beer featuring “The Most Interesting Man in the World”?

Each commercial depicts exploits from the “interesting man’s” past, or he offers insight on a particular topic. For example, on the topic of “Life” he says, “It is never too early to start beefing up your obituary.”

What we find especially interesting is that the unnamed character is an older man. In fact, he is played by a longtime character actor named Jonathan Goldsmith.

Goldsmith is 71 years old. And he is cool.

Welcome to a new age in American culture where being “old” is cool. It will be cool pretty much from now on. The reason is simple: The cool people have gotten older and plan on remaining cool.

Note to reader: This whole blog post was cut/pasted from a newsletter called Jumpin’ Jack Flash which is put out by the Boomer Project.


October 14th, 2009
Bruce Springsteen
Bruce Springsteen

It’s Official, It’s OK to be 60

60 may have been “old” in the past, in previous generations, but not anymore. Today 60 or 63, is like being 50, which really wasn’t that different than 35. So here we all are, feeling like we are 35, when we are really 60.

Last weekend, Bruce Springsteen sold out the last concert ever at Giants Stadium, He’s 60. I just can’t see that an “old” person could entertain 60,000 rock fans for three hours.

Maybe for some people 60 is old. And maybe for some people it isn’t.

That’s cool.

October 2nd, 2009
Photo by Tom Caravaglia.
Photo by Tom Caravaglia.

Paradigm is a modern dance company for dance luminaries over 60.

They’re good because the troupe has “the eloquence that years of experience bring to the dance experience.”

How cool is that?

Yoko Ono is cool, but she’s not a boomer…

October 1st, 2009
Yoko Ono from thequietus.com
Yoko Ono from thequietus.com

…and neither is the man she married: had John Lennon lived, he’d be 69 years old next week.

John and Yoko are “Honorary Boomers:” he because of his outsized influence on the boomer generation as a whole, and Yoko because she married John, and also because she is never not cool.

So why am I writing about Yoko? ‘Cause she’s inspirational! At 76, a full 13 years older than the oldest boomer, she’s still a hipster, a PIB Manhattanite, svelte, chic, full of style. There she is, out and about, maybe lunching with Sean, in all the right places. She’s still an artiste provocateur, continuing to create art for arts sake. Always working.

Yoko is a role model; proof you can be cool and creative and relevant at an age which didn’t seem possible in previous generations. She gets oldER, but she doesn’t get “Old.”

By comparison, 50 and 60 seem really young.

Hottie of the Week/Male*

September 21st, 2009
Pete Carrol
Pete Carrol

Pete Carroll. 58. USC’s star, extra-ultra uber-football coach. Hot HOT HOT! Great head of hair. In great shape. A nice guy. Big feature on 60 Minutes last Sunday, and in the current Esquire magazine.

*Criteria for Hottie of the Week is at least 50 y.o and hot.

Bruce Springsteen Turns 60

September 1st, 2009

It’s Official: It’s OK to be 60.