Old vs. Old Fashioned

February 1st, 2010

Good Morning America did a segment with such subtle ageism you might not have noticed it. But I did.

The story (1/29) was about saving time by paying your bills on line vs. paying by check, which they referred to as the “old fashioned way.” Old fashioned implies out of touch and frumpy. That’s unnecessary editorializing. Sloppy journalism.

By contrast, the L.A. Times had a terrific story (1/30) about changes in the music business, and the author made reference to the new way of accessing music and the old way of accessing music. Not the old fashioned way.

And, just to confirm that the world HAS come off it’s axis, the current NYer (2/1), makes casual reference to old media without actually saying radio/TV/print, as if well, everybody knows what old media is, vs. new media, which is digital, and viral and social and whatever.

The plot thickens.

Wow, That’s Really Old!!!

January 25th, 2010
...sloppy journalism
...sloppy journalism

I mean, “Wow, that’s really cheesy reporting!!!”

Joe Biden’s mom died a few weeks ago, and her passing was news. All the network TV anchors and local newscasters covered the story like this: “Vice President Joe Biden’s mother, Jean Biden, passed away today. Ms. Biden was NINETY-TWO!! years old.

Subtle ageism.

Like, WOW, she was really old. Compared to what? Dying at 72? Or 82? And what exactly is the point of putting SO MUCH EMPHASIS on the age?

Notice this next time you watch a newscaster mention someone really old.

On the Red Carpet at the Golden Globes

January 21st, 2010

(Today’s guest blogger is channeling his inner Perez Hilton.)



The rain! It poured! But glamour prevailed.

Who looked fabulous: Sofia Loren. I don’t know how they got her waist so tiny, but her figure looked gorgeous, and her face was dewey.

Helen Mirren: those gentle, soft curls frame her face nicely, and her body looked fine. No 60-y/o woman can look like Megan Fox, and since hardly anybody, anywhere, at any age, looks like Megan Fox, why should your wife or girlfriend have to? Do most men look like Brad Pitt? Point made.

Meryl Streep: She’s a loose cannon at awards shows, though, style-wise. She can really do frumpy. But tonight, with the black, one shoulder number, it was hard to go wrong. Her waistline—not tiny, but, hey, she looked good, better than most people shopping at Trader Joes, and that is not only good enough—it’s plenty! (See above about double standard –the one that says women have to be gorgeous all the time, but men don’t have to.)

And it doesn’t matter if she’s had work done, which it doesn’t look like she has, but if she has, that’s the kind to get. Meryl’s like Dick Clark– he never got older until he up and had a stroke. Did you see him New Year’s Eve, from Times Square? He did the countdown for the ball dropping. Por Dios! Get the hook. Sure, he’s rich and owns the show, and is Ryan Seacrest’s boss, but when counting from 10 down to 1 is a challenge, it’s time to bow out.

Jeff Bridges’ wife of 32 years was radiant.

This is off message, but– Sigourney Weaver, who’s 60, hosted SNL last weekend, and her hairstyle was very Orange County, sorority girl 1960s, suburban 1970s. Matronly. Note to Sigourney: Update. As they say in Beverly Hills: it’s all about the hair.

Who’s not aging well?

Jessica Lange. I think it’s the genes. What can you do? Scandinavians have thin skin that wrinkles. Eastern Europeans, Latin’s, their skin stays younger longer. (See reference to Sofia Loren, above.)

Cher. Words cannot describe the sadness one feels when looking at now-Cher and remembering then-Cher. From international “It” girl to…. this? Memo to Cher: Why?

And speaking of why, the reason I hardly cover the men, e.g. Jeff Bridges, Paul McCartney, Martin Scorsese etc. is because most people, myself included, are more interested in the women’s fabulous dresses, big jewels, and sexy shoes. Men, on the other hand, mainly wear black tuxedoes and black dress shoes. Ho hum.

‘Nuf said.

A jolly good rollick was had by all.

63 Year Old White Woman Increases Network Ratings

December 30th, 2009
TV Stealth Transition
TV Stealth Transition

Diane Sawyer took over as anchor for the ABC evening newscast last week, and increased ratings by 1/2 million viewers. Note to ageist TV execs: Quality trumps hype, and always wins. Age has nothing to do with it.

New TV Show

December 23rd, 2009
Public TV for Southern California
Public TV for Southern California

Here’s a new TV show that answers the question “what will you do with the rest of your life?”

Targeting ages 40-100, “The Leading Gen” is “an inspiring new television series that features real people from different socio-economic levels and cultures who explain how they met the challenges of maturing, retirement, new experiences, divorce, economic planning, finding new jobs and careers, illness, loss, loneliness and other issues everyone faces in their advancing years.”

I can’t dispute the selection of the words “advancing years” as far as accuracy is concerned, but I don’t really like the tone.

“The Leading Gen” is produced by Waymaster Corporation and Inland Empire PBS affiliate KVCR/Riverside-San Bernardino, Palm Springs.

I’ll √ out the show, and let you know what it’s like. It’s on Mondays at 7 P.M.

It’s a Whole New World Out There

September 25th, 2009
Joy Behar
Joy Behar

Didn’t anyone tell 65-year-old “The View” veteran Joy Behar that you’re supposed to retire at 65, not get the greatest job of your career?

Behar’s new, prime time talk show debuts on HLN (formerly CNN Headline News) on Sept. 29.

Sammy Hagar didn’t get the message, either, that you’re supposed to slow down in your 60s.

At 61, the Van Halen Rock & Roll Hall of Famer started a new band, Chickenfoot, and their 1st release has been certified gold.

Maybe you don’t “have” to “retire” at 65. Maybe it’s just another number, and if you’ve got the chops to keep going, you can.

As Boomers, we have created our own rules for the past 50 years—why would we stop now?