On the Red Carpet @ the Golden Globes

January 14th, 2013

No matter what you’ve heard about “60 is the new 40,” or whatever, nothing really matters except this:  Jody Foster is the most gorgeous 50-year-old woman who has ever lived.

She has forever changed the way men will look at women 50+. Clear, radiant skin, silky hair, perfect teeth, her body svelte and toned but not overtly buff (no names mentioned Sandra Bullock).

Denzel (58 y/o) looks puffy and softer.  Not a good thing.

Steven Spielberg  (66 y/o) looks like an old grandpa, yet his wife, Kate Capshaw (59 y/o), looks sexy and fabulous.  (I just saw Paul Simon on PBS’s  “Graceland Revisited” and  he looked just like Spielberg—Collins Ave., Miami Beach, circa 1950s.)  Oy.

In closing, I hope I never hear another Frenchman thank anybody for anything, ever.  If you can’t speak English well enough to be understood, just say it in French and the network will translate if for you!


Guest Editor #4