Susan Sarandon Sizzles/Hot People Over 50

March 1st, 2014

She’s on the cover of AARP magazine this month. Stunning.

Jessica Lange/Hot People Over 50

March 1st, 2014

Jessica Lange, 64, is the new face of Marc Jacobs make-up. This is a good thing.

Raquel Welch Wows at 73 / Hot People Over 50

February 28th, 2014

At the Designers Guild Awards in Bev. Hills earlier this week.

Late LIfe Love LIfe

February 24th, 2014

“Lovers in Twilight,” the L.A. Times Valentine to readers about late life love —he’s 93, she’s 88, is remarkably non-condescending, and it’s really quite sweet.

The writer doesn’t come right out and say that the couple are having sex, but they share one room in a retirement home, and have pushed their beds together; they have PDA, and are giddy in love.

My own mother had a late life affair–she, and he, were both 90 or so. His son swears my mom was the love of his father’s life, despite his parents 40-year marriage.

Mother and her boyfriend also lived in a retirement home, but in separate apartments. They took all their meals together, went on excurions, ate out at the best restaurants, saw all the movies. They had a great, late, ride.

Of course they held hands. And I saw little peck kisses. And even though love often leads to sex, sex seemed out of the question. I mean, 90 is so old!

Then I remember back when I thought men in their 40s were old and dorky. That changed when I hit 40, and then I turned 50 and so were Bruce Springsteen and Sharon Stone, and they were definitely desirable and not old at all. Christy Brinkley on the cover of Sports Illustrated at 60 means 60 is still in the game.

Ergo: it this trend continues, when I’m 90 then 90 will be cool and sexy.

Boomers will still rule.

This I have to see.

Boomers Rule!

February 13th, 2014

Getting my nails done—the salon is playing Elvis, Chuck Berry. People here have green hair, crazy haircuts, and are under 30. Go figure.

Long Ago, and Far Away, in a Distant Land….

February 13th, 2014

Can you believe that “Baby Don’t Go” by Sonny & Cher is playing at the bank? That song is, like, 50 years old. All these workers at the bank weren’t even born when that song was a hit (1965).

Know why it’s playing? ‘Cause Boomers like that song, or whomever decides the play list for Chase in Southern California likes that song, and everybody else just has to put up with it.

A sure case of “Boomers Rule!”

A Boomer Goes to the Golden Globes

January 13th, 2014

It’s tough to watch women publicly morph from hottie into “looks good for her age.”

Jacqueline Bisset was 33 when she starred in “The Deep” and instantly became the world’s most desirable woman. She still rocked into her 60s, but now she’s almost 70, and she looks pretty bad, and it seems her mind is wandering, too. Jessica Lange, who once scorched the screen and had grand love affairs, is only 64, yet “hot” hardly applies. This was sobering and I felt it personally.

I also felt a pang that, after 50 years of taking ownership of pop culture, Boomers are now sharing the spotlight with Gen X and Millennials. Before, almost all of the nominees and presenters at awards shows were “about my age.” Same clothes and hair, we listened to the same songs, watched the same TV shows. Even the advertisers wooed me.

But, not last night. Last night, I hadn’t seen all the movies and TV shows, there were a few celebrities I hadn’t heard of, many of the people on the stage were the age of my own children, some of the dresses would be inappropriate for me. Not everybody was about my age.

Our 50-year reign is over. Now, Boomers are just one of many demographics at the table. This, too, was sobering.

…and on a lighter note:

“The Virginia Slims ‘You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby’ Award” to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. In the 80s, when I was a disc jockey, radio researchers claimed that listeners wouldn’t tolerate two female songs back to back, which limited the number of women on the charts. Fast forward to last night’s Golden Globes, MC’d by two women, side by side, hosting a big deal international TV show. That’s A Long, Long Way, Baby.

David Bowie at the Top of His Game—Again

January 10th, 2014

If David Bowie, now 67, had retired at 65, he wouldn’t have been nominated for two Brit awards–which is the equivalent of our Grammy—he’s up for Male British Artist of the Year and Album of Year, for “The Next Day,” his first release in 10 yrs.

Maybe 65 is a tad young for SRA? (Standard Retirement Age.)